An agile, modern, family company, born in 1942; from the very beginning TRES ASES adopted exports as the focus of its activity. Our permanence resides in a continuous dedication to quality improvement of our products.
Our ensign brand "TRES ASES" enjoys widespread penetration and a high degree of prestige in the fresh fruits markets worldwide.



In our three packing plants we yearly process almost three millions boxes of pears, apples, plums and peaches. Half of the products are grown in our own orchards. Independent growers supply the balance. Both sources are directly supervised by our own technicians, in a successful drive to maintain strict quality standards.
The key of our permanence, evolution and development, is the "know how" accumulated during many years of trusted performance as a grower-packer-shipper company.


Tres Ases S.A. - Cipolletti - Rio Negro - Patagonia Argentina