Having a history of 60 years, Tres Ases is a horizontal, dynamic and versatile company. These attributes facilitate an efficient adaptation not only to customer’s needs but also to the challenges that impose the changing and unique circumstances of each market.

We were born as growers, packers and distributors, of fresh pears, apples and plums in both, the domestic and international markets. In the last decade, due to the development of a strong commercial chain, we became a solution provider to the Argentinian retail and wholesale sector. In this role of importers, we distribute different fresh products in the Argentinian domestic market. Our performance is supported by the prestige and know-how gained throughout our extensive experience in the activity.

Head offices, production areas, packing houses and cold storages are located in the Upper Valley of Rio Negro. This fertile area of northwestern Patagonia, keeps the greatest agro-ecological advantages for stone and pome fruits in Argentina.